Death of the Printed Word

There is a lot of fear creeping among the Publishers and the Writers that their art is on the downfall. People are less interested in the written word and are likely to buy less and less books as the years go by. It may be true that people are buying less paperback and hardcover books but it has nothing to do with the lack of interest in them.
Over the last few years people have been bombarded with the Global Warming and Environmental situation of the world. Books have taken the hit for the worst in this scenario, although throughout history it has been the best use of trees taken by man. But as it is imperative for the literate kind to see the world progress there is not much point in sticking out for the cutting down of trees to fuel the bestsellers. We need to find alternative ways just as we need to find alternative ways to produce energy, and we have a brilliant one with E-Books.
Writers and Publishers need not proclaim the doom of literature without giving a fight. It is true E-Books sales haven’t been that impressive, but give it another 5 years and people will get into it. And just because people are finding entertainment away from the books doesn’t mean it is the end of literature. We are rapidly advancing and our mental evolution is on the high, since our mind stores information and memory in the form of images that is why we are more attracted towards visual entertainment. But over the course of history we have always found personal and cultural reforms in the form of written word and we will continue to do so till we exist.
There is no need to panic over this issue, and people who are connected with the world of books do not need to despair. The world is caught in between with the morality concerning the purchase of tree killing books and confused about the authentic feel provided by the E-Books. Give it time and soon enough most of our personal libraries will just consist of a single E-Book Reader with thousands of books in it, man and literature are meant to journey through the edifices of time together till eternal bliss. And till that time comes, get a bit creative with advertising your books.

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