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For over the years psychology has progressed a lot in understanding the workings of a human mind. The periodical findings have been quite revealing to us in matters of why we do what we do. The pathological implications to our social endeavours have made us in some circumstances even perceive actions by a fellow human before they happen. However enlightening this amazing field of study might be, we must also acknowledge the fact that it has given us more effective method into manipulation and exploitation of human thought. While on levels beyond appreciation it helps us overcome various adversities in our lives and help resolve them, it also gives some of us an edge to intervene with other’s thoughts and desires without them recognizing it ergo disrupting the basic human validation of the acquisition of individual thought. Although it can be argued that such intentional interventions are nothing but a catalyst in a poor man’s chemical laboratory but it doesn’t change the fact that such catalysts usually stimulates results that would otherwise not be expected.
With that it can be observed that our conflicts have evolved likewise. We no longer obtain optimum satisfaction unless we have outsmarted someone or deceived them thoroughly. Although humans over the time have been doing that with or without the knowledge of the behaviours generated by our mind under various circumstances, but now we are practising it more vigorously up to a point where brutal confrontations have become mundane at least for most of us, nothing conclusive can be derived for the societies which are still catching up with this evolutionary cycle. It started with little seemingly harmless advertisements which manufacturers used to attract customers, then it spread to all kind of fields, all trying relentlessly to attract more and more customers. It went on to movies, to dramas, to sitcoms, suggesting people how to think and behave. These actions were highly motivated by a common factor of monetary gains. But then it evolved into warfare. We have always used psychological methods to overcome our nemeses but more often than not they have been quite visible and few to commend on. Nowadays we are playing a whole new game when it comes to psychological warfare. It is very safe to say that everyone is at war with each other every second of the day, and it is more satisfactory to all parties if it is not known.
The point is not to narrate this obvious evolution but to dive into the understanding of the ‘why’. The reason as I see it is in the field of psychology itself. The growth of mind might be exponential in some humans but it is always unsatisfactory to all aspiring intellects. So in order to compensate for that artificial insecurity the need to validate one’s intelligence arises. While others who are not concerned with such fascinations become prey to those who do, the intellectuals as you may call them or minds who are more actively engaged wage wars of proclamations on each other. It fuels the ego. It is funny how the more intelligent you get the more narcissist your intentions become. The field of psychology is of high interest to most because it gives us an insight on how to outwit another. It is our prime instinct to be more attractive towards the advantages a certain thing projects rather recognizing its actual worth, which in this case would be the exploration of human mind. While psychologists explore the human mind many of us look for means to exploit the human mind. I truly believe that it is not the reason why this study initiated but deep down I doubt my own hypothesis.

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