An Orange is an Orange and an Apple is an Apple

The world we live in is most profoundly an illusion, or might I say the world that we choose to live in is most definitely an illusion to what revolves in reality. And the reality that does exist is in turn a delusion to all of our illusions combined. Throughout history we have been trying to form new illusions to fit into this world, thinking that maybe just maybe if we get all to believe in one certain illusion at a moment than most certainly over the time it would unequivocally eliminate the need to have a reality. And throughout history our attempts have gone seemingly astray, because we forget how real our illusions can sometimes grow out to be. Quite alarmingly so this nation seems to be an illusion that has come to reality which proves the navigation of our existence as lost.
This article is purely written in defeat, defeat by common sense. Since the time of our existence as a country we have done nothing but fooled ourselves, maybe we have been just trying to find some retribution for our hard work or maybe we have been too lazy to care otherwise either way we as a nation have been fooling ourselves. So much so that we have led our imagination to believe right to be wrong and wrong to be right. Now I am strictly talking about us, the people, the nation and not the ones who are supposedly running this nation. They I don’t think have been fooling themselves, no I don’t think they are capable of fooling themselves further to the state to which they have had already achieved right after the first few gasps of our freedom, no surely not, I think they have indeed managed to hit rock bottom in a bottomless pit. Their breed has been living at that exact same bottom, unable to fall more down and unable to look up, and as harsh as it may seem but surprisingly they are the only ones better off in this sad illusion that we call a nation.
People always tell me that, “Oh let them do what they want, once the people of this nation are up, we will turn this around, we will strike them down”, well I say if past sixty three years or so have taught us anything it’s that we will never rise up and make it count in the most righteous way humanly possible, no we won’t, and as much as I would love to see myself proven wrong time is proving me all the more right in my understanding of our people. We have indeed in one form or another become used to slavery, we have become slaves to our desire to have peace of mind at the cost of millions of others and future millions of others to lose their peace of mind. We, the people of this nation and many other nations likewise have become immune to humane senses and most certainly have lost our minds to the illusion of democratic solutions.
Systems work when the environment for a certain specific system is provided for it to work. Without the environment the system only becomes redundant towards its work and becomes a subordinate to the elected imagination. Likewise having representative democracy in this country is pointless, a republic state lets the people choose who they want; quite seriously whoever thought this would work fairly well in a nation like this must be drunk or just purely hated the people of this region. The system doesn’t have as much flaw in it as much as the people in the system have within themselves. Let’s get a reality check shall we, as much proud as we want to be we should realize that most and near to all of our people are uneducated. I mean that in no snobby way but seriously in reality they really are, which is a major dent when it comes to choosing a representative to hold the democratic threads. Now I do not mean that they are stupid, they are smart and articulate in their specific fields but they are most certainly uneducated towards the workings of the world. And what happens in the end is that uneducated sector defines the future over the little educated sector that we have. Let me tell you a strange and true in the bizarre fictional sense story that might help to better illustrate my point.
There was a village once in which lived 10 people, out of which two of them knew what an orange was because they learned the names and identification of fruits while they were growing up. 8 of those ten people did not know proper names or could not identify most of the fruits by their distinctive names. An eleventh person came into the village and made the 8 people believe that an apple was called an orange. When the 2 people who knew that an apple was an apple and an orange was an orange got to know of this they started disputing over this topic with the rest of the 8 people, and tried to explain to them that what they thought to be an apple was actually an orange. Since the eleventh person came to the village with a notable wealth and planted 10 apple trees for each person, they found it hard to believe that he could be wrong. They decided to ignore the 2 people and told them to not disturb them. The 2 people could not just stop preaching about the apples and oranges because they found it rather bemusing that the other 8 were being fooled by the new eleventh person. So they kept on telling the 8 people to not believe the new comer and recognize the orange and apple for what they were. One day the 8 people got extremely tired of the 2 people, and because of their nagging the 8 people could not focus on their work, so they went to the new comer and told him the situation. He told all the 10 people to vote on what they thought to be orange and what they thought to be an apple, the 8 people voted an orange to be an apple and the two people voted an orange to be an orange. The 8 people being in majority won and so the orange was named and recognized as an apple from there on, the 2 people eventually shot themselves because they could no longer live under such an illusion. That is close to our situation in terms to democracy.
Now let me tell you another story, there was once a similar village to the idiot village, this village also had 10 people, and likewise had 2 people more wise than the rest. But the 8 remaining people were somewhat adequately educated in terms of world dynamics. So when a similar problem arose in their tribe by the new comer they chose to think about it. They heard both side of the arguments, the new comers came up with his reasons and the 2 wise men came up with theirs, and in the same way they turned to a democratic solution, although in this village they had a third option which all the 8 people voted on. The third option was to set up a research team, comprising of the 2 wise men and a member of the somewhat educated 8 and an outside observer just so that all results came out without personal motives. Consequently the research team was to prove the argument in a scientific way and come up with an absolute solution. This way their work was not entirely hindered, the 7 people out of the 8 kept on with their work and took turns to do the work of the 8th person as well. The 8th person improved his knowledge on the subject with the research team so that no work could be hindered. They served each other in a way or two, and the 2 wise men got the seat of triggering knowledge the right way. The only person that didn’t win much was the new comer, only his work was hindered in this village. After years of research, they eventually proved that indeed an orange was an orange and an apple was nothing else than an apple. The new comer became unhappy and moved on to the next village.
There is although one more story that comes with these two stories, and this one is as well about a village with 10 people with the exact same demographics, the only changed variable in this village was that all of the villagers were educated in their respective fields and had a fair grasp over the world dynamics. So when the new comer came to their village and revealed the orange and apple mystery, they kindly and gracefully invited him to join their research school as a student which they had build long ago to educate their people so that no misconceptions of this kind ever hindered their survival and deem them as the most ridiculous and stupid village. But then again this story has not yet come true for any village so far, it is a story of a past which is waiting to happen in the future.
As fascinatingly dull stories as these are, I do hope they carry enough decorum in them for you to understand why we are what we are right now. Pakistan has paid no attention whatsoever to its educational system and we are now paying the price for it. Instead of learned scholars we harbour religious extremists and corrupt politicians who are both determined to bring us down along with the country. Democracy is for the learned masses and not for fanatics with half baked ideologies. For over the years we have seen the same parties come and go in similar fashions and none of them has done anything to improve the matters of the state lest they were made to do so or had no other option but to do good for the country. It is a mystery for no learned man as to what is happening right now in our country and what catastrophic monumental consequences can occur to our continual of ignorance. I ask you not to rise, nay not at this stage; we are not at a perfect condition to take such behaviour as a reaction to our slow grasp on reality. No. But I do humbly ask you to pave the way, to build resources, to grind the stepping stones, to ensure the means which would enable us to rise, and condition us to be at par in terms of logic and reason concerning all matters. All should not suffer because of the stupidity of few. We have to build the infrastructure, we have build a system, we have to establish a national plan before we plunge ourselves forward. If we do not do so we will never be able to tell an orange from an apple and an apple from an orange.

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