127 and counting !

If anything has come to light after the recent event of plane crash in Pakistan, it is that human life is of lowest concern to anyone in power. We the public let be anywhere in the world give the autonomy to certain sects to do as they deem best so that we may live in peace. But what peace it brings us is only in pieces, pieces of hearts shattered and blood spilt for their own pride and their own created glory.

Democracy is nothing but a mockery to human intellect and it grows to stardom with human ignorance. We know we are being fooled and willingly let it continue to be so, thinking all the time that some other might arise so that we may rest in peace.

We spent thousands and millions in charity, at least the one with a bit heart does, but we spent no time or money to rid the world of this wrong, this injustice. We all deserve to live in this world, and live not survive, live which many have forgotten and many are incapable of doing whether by choice or circumstances. We all deserve to share the world and all  that it provides. And so in doing so we all deserve to live.

A plane crash, a bomb blast, and there on so are just signs of how much we are letting ourselves down. It is not a tragedy unless it hits us, it is not a disaster unless it crushes. When will be stop thinking for just ourselves. Imagine yourself being on that plane in those final moments of your life and ask yourself if you would not want to be saved. Save yourself than. Save what is left. This world has already been broken apart and put together so many times. Save it for the tomorrow to come.

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