Cheese Omelette

When we get up in the morning, have our shower a bit of exercise and generally after we have freshened up, we all yearn for a good meal, a good breakfast. 

I have noticed that if we start our day healthy, the rest of it follows suit. Our taste buds get defined everyday with what we put in our mouths first thing in the morning. 

I start my day with coffee and a sandwich, nothing too fancy just enough to get me going. But on sundays, I like to live a little. Cheese Omelette is what I tend to have every Sunday Morning. 

Okay this is how you make it, its simple, most of you probably know it anyway. 

Batter two eggs in a bowl, add some salt, black pepper and a bit of paprika depending on your taste. Cut some spring onions and some olives into thin pieces and mix them together. Get the pan going, put butter, always use butter it tastes so much better. When the butter is melted, melted not burned please, put the egg mixture in the pan. Let is take its form a little and than add cheese on one half of your omelette. If you are a meaty person add some pre cooked meat on the same side as well. Fold your omelette, flip it, heat it up on both sides. Do not let it get golden or brown, maybe a little, but very slightly. And there you go, you have a cheese omelette. A delightful thing to have in the morning. Now you can have it with toasts or you can have it with fries, whichever way you like it. 

Try it on your coming Sunday, and maybe you will enjoy it. Happy Eating.  

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