Lost !

I have been reading up so much lately and been sent a lot of spam about it as well. 

On how to fix your blogs, how to make them better what not

stuff like SEO online SEO, things which I have no idea what they mean or what function they have

So I have decided to remain stubborn and not learn them unless someone forces me to do so. 

And while my senses are being stubborn and behaving like a 4 year old I would like to apologize to anyone who find it difficult to pay attention on the contents of the blog because of any of my stupidity. I deeply apologize but I am really slow when it comes to these kind of technical things. I am sure I will learn in time, but please dont count on it. 

Till then, I hope you look past everything and enjoy the posts. I know they are not that frequent as I would or anyone else would like them to be but hey at least I am trying. 

Thank you and please keep reading.

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