Shoot me in the Head and put me to Sleep

Shoot me in the head and put me to sleep,

I no longer need favours that you must keep,

Strike me down below the bloody seas,

Kill my sense before I count to three.


Gone you are away from yourself indeed,

Lost in the arbour of misleading deceits,

Silent are your thoughts and silent is your creed,

You are what you always will be without me.


Shoot me; blow my brains away from this misery,

Scattered into pieces I shall breathe in relief,

Away from the whores mingles who with fiery breed,

I no longer need you as you so dearly need me.


Bad is the day and bad is the time,

And surely bad is my perceived evil mind,

Bad will be the moment in which you will be mine,

But good will be the words that blame my shrine.


Leave me or kill me do as you must,

But know that evil is what evil sees not,

Hidden that remains within his own cot,

For them your eyes whither but mine glow.


Shoot me please for I desire not to see you bleed,

Blood of all spilt is the decaying blood of me,

Gone is the soul far away for you to see,

Lost is the moment, lost is your sense in me.


Yesterday and tomorrow are waiting today,

May you pull the trigger and let words say,

Shoot me before I get time to pray,

For I have no longer have anything in me to care.





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