Thinking ….

I have been sitting all morning pondering over few thoughts, well I say morning it was more like late night and than after a bit of sleep the chain of random occurrences sort of continued. The human nature, the absurd reality of it, the brutal and vile creatures that rule the world and yet are not in total command of their rule. 

We all from time to time like to believe that deep down every human is good, that they have this ball of happiness and kindness wrapped around with honey sugar coating in them, but the truth of the matter is it is the other way around. As I have come to observe humans more and more, I think we all are absolutely evil to our core and its just the good coating is on the outside sometimes and not really on the inside. Even the good, and usually the good people, have thoughts sometimes, disturbing thoughts of burning the whole world down, to ashes and stone.

Humans are evil by nature, they are one to survive and it is this instinct of survival that makes them evil. Because we fail to understand that for us to actually survive we have to be good and not forceful with our nature. You do not have to be tough to survive, that is just surviving and not living, you have to be smart to be able to survive and live at the same time. But all these years the concept of our survival has been the exhibition of rigorous battle within ourselves.

If we are left to our own devices we would plunder, rape and destroy each and every innocent beautiful thing in this world. I have seen this happen a lot of times over and over again and you can pick up the history books and refresh it into your memories if you want. This is what happens. We are creatures of destruction. Destruction of beautiful things. And for us to have that nature we have to have a very evil core within ourselves.

The good people are the people mostly who are weak, although in my mind they are the ones who are strong enough to be good as you would say, but who is to say that they wont turn away from their good nature once they have gained enough strength. And that is the point, everything is based on physical strength in this world, our world, the world of humans. Which is to some degree laughable, because physical strength is not really the key to survival, mental strength is. And instead of paying more attention to our mind we pay all the attention to our bodies.

It is not a completed chain of thought … but I think it is something that will carry on over the time … I would like you to think over it and add your piece to it …. I hate violence … and in doing so I hate most people … which makes me violent against those people … which turns me away from being good … it is by the end of the day a perception which can be switched around to benefit your need ….

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