What happens to one can most certainly happen to another

The democracy that has never been there to begin with has officially been demolished in this country. I believe it is done as a favour rather than an attack to our senses. An eye opener for the blind fools. The sheer stupidity of the people of this Godforsaken country makes me cry rather than laugh, because I too am tagged as a member of the idiots’ club. We are all afraid to admit what is happening or what has been happening to this world. We are more willing to accept lies and let ourselves be fooled, so that we can lead our lives as normal so that we are free from our responsibility. Human kind has always been resistant to change but I had no notion that it would accept, adapt to not change. Humans have changed not to change.

My anger is not directed towards various individuals alone. Individuals are not as important as ideas, that the top ranking individuals of this country have no ideology to benefit the society. Their deaths maybe mourned but are of no importance to the restoration of normality which has been needed since the creation of this ill-founded country.

Recent turn of events has made me realize one thing, that people of this nation are no better than some imaginary friend of six year old. You see an imaginary friend will give the child company, help him give birth to his imagination but will never and can never stand up to protect the child. This country is full of ostriches.

But we have forgotten one very important thing, what happens to one can happen to another. It makes me laugh sometimes and then when I think more makes me want to kill myself, that how blind have we become, how inhumane our actions have become.

Out of billions of people in this world, I don’t think we can even find a handful of people, honest people, willing to take the responsibility to make other people honest.

If we let wrong be wrong than it will remain wrong, but if we presume, if we start thinking wrong to be right than it is no longer wrong and the chances of it ever being truly right are lost forever.

Everyday we take in lies and believe them from tyrants all over the world, so that we not be the one to oppose them. Because we want to be left in peace. What peace is it of yours if its taken from others? Do you think when you close your eyes, the world also does so? Do not shirk away your responsibility to, not your country but humanity, because what is happening to one can most certainly happen to another, happen to you, happen to your family.

It is easy to go to war than to understand why you are going to war. It is easy to point than to admit. There can come no good from switching blames.

And it is most certainly very easy to accept wrong as right rather than standing against wrong, even if you face oblivion. Yes we all have our personal responsibilities; wife, kids, family, but so do the people being effected by the mass injustice. To preserve our personal responsibility we must accept our social responsibility.

No sun is there without a planet to revolve around it, no flower is there without a sun to nurture it, no seed is there without the flower to blossom from it, and there is certainly no society without people to live in it. We are all dependent; there is no independence less of thought. There are no nations but boundaries.

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