Criminal Thoughts




Thoughts are criminals,

Who follow you around,

Lurking in the shadows,

Always there, around the corner are found


Go away, let me be,

My mind is tired of your deceit,

They come still,

In the night when all senses have left my feel


Their meanings are hidden,

In dreams they creep,

Find a place,

And rest till I start to weep


Thoughts are evil,

Who make you remember,

Which you wish to forget,

They make you still bleed


Go away, I want you not,

Silence your foul lure,

They come still, find their way,

In the darkness when glances betray the scene


The looking eye is not looking now,

Lost and bereft of sanity,

It lingers in the unknown,

Surrounded by the thoughts


Leave me, let me be,

Let me rest in peace,

I wish to not keep,

All the hatred you wish to seep


Evil thoughts with criminal intent,

Follow me not anymore,

Make me breathe fire no more,

Ride with my heart no more

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