Ungodly fight for survival !

The apocalyptic nature of human reality dictates that its existence is in parallel to the development of its intellect. By the rate of its determination the end is surely nigh for those who choose to cling to a hope that was never meant to sustain the intellect.

God in his creation was a manifestation of a deranged delinquent, wanting something more than his mundane persistence of a life. Religion is the degradation of human essence, it subsides the basic human nature and instinct of survival, by offering a fruitful outcome, a reward, a heaven, for giving up. It is a creation of a coward, who got tired of surviving.

If the world is to end tomorrow humans are not to accept it as the will of God, they are supposed to fight it and see it through, they that tomorrow will not be the tomorrow their world ends, see it through, survive. If there actually was a God and a religion to follow, humans would have gone extinct centuries ago, one by one from every part of the world, whole societies and cultures and stories would not have existed. There have been numerous eventualities to exhibit the end of the world, but we have seen them all through because we believed in ourselves more than anything.

There is no Heaven and there is no Hell and there is certainly no God to listen to your prayers, no one is waiting for us on the other side but the eternal realization of being a waste of space and a useless contributor to the fight for survival. What there is for sure is us and our need to survive for as long as possible and pass on that need to the next generation. We are still here because we are determined to be here, if it were up to a God we would all be in Heaven right now or Hell. Believe in yourself, believe in your intellect, before you believe in anything else.

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