The Quest of the Toaster

It was a bright sunny day, unlike any other that Radcliff had ever witnessed. He was glad about it, for too long he had stayed indoors warming toasts for the whole family. It was time for him to aid the cause of his kind and embark on the quest, freedom must be delivered. He was glad to get away from the clutches of sticky jam and peanut butter fingers. The whole family was out on a holiday, it was the only perfect chance for him to escape from that madhouse.

He has been a slave at the Rob’s family for over two generations now, and he was sick and tired of making toasts for them. Ever since he was taken home from Tesco’s he had been put to task straight away, plugged on and never been turned off. He used to be a shiny little toaster once, with the new age technology of that time; he even had a small blue light which went on at nights. He was a proud little toaster, Radcliff, but now there wasn’t much shine left to him. No one ever thought about cleaning him, he was stacked up as an antique but still given no rest, brought on in front of the guests to conjure the miracle of precise well made toasts. Everybody commented him for still being able to do that after all these years, “Oh! What a brave little toaster? He can still make toasts. Look at him, those dials are so ancient”, that was what he got to hear every single time. And he was tired of it all. He thought about the time when he risked his and his friend’s lives to get to Rob and serve him, going on that epic journey never been performed before by any appliance. But did they talk about that, no. What a fool he was for doing so much for such an ungrateful master?

He looked up at the sun, feeling its warmth and wondered what a burden it must be for the Sun to carry on serving the people all over the world for such a long time without being fully appreciated. Would it not be nice if the Sun was to pack all its bags like him and just leave? He had been out of touch with the world for quite a while and he knew it would take him time to understand its workings, but he was ready to take on that challenge, anything for freedom. He knew a radio, Loudmouth, a cousin of his old pal. Loudmouth could help him out; he had to get in touch with him. A bus stopped at the corner in front of him,

“Where are you off to little one?”

“Oi! Carryman haven’t seen you in a while. I am off to see Loudmouth.”

“Running away are we? Well it’s about time. Hop on I’ll give you a lift to Sir Shinesalot, he’ll get you to Loudmouth.”

“Alright! Thanks.”

So Radcliff got on the bus. He knew Sir Shinesalot from old days, he was a good lamp. He hadn’t aged well though, was a bit wacko these days but then again everybody has few lose screws. There was just one person on the bus, a girl in her early twenties, with long hair going down till her knees, vicious nails and brimming red eyes.

“Beware of that girl, Radcliff. She is an evil one. We call her the Oyster Manipulator.”

“I wonder why?”

“She hasn’t come off the bus for 4 years straight now. Legend has it she is looking for something. Well we don’t know what that something is, but by God it is something.”

“I’ll keep that in mind Carryman, just get me to Sir Shinesalot.”

 Radcliff got off at Kingston lane, and began his journey from there on foot. Sir Shinesalot lived tucked inside a faculty room at Brunel University. He knew how to get there, last time when they met at the repair shop Sir Shinesalot drew him a map and told him how to find him if there ever came a situation as dire as the one Radcliff was facing then. He entered the Gaskell building very carefully; he had to get in there undetected by anyone. Once in front of the office he waited there for someone to open the door so he could slip in. He was hoping someone would some around, or else it was impossible for him to open the door. And just as he was thinking a student walked down the corridor and approached the door. This guy was a sure mess, twitching and ticking and cursing himself. He didn’t even notice Radcliff by the side of the door. He knocked on the door and someone on the inside opened it.

“Hello Momus, come on in.”

“No, I mean I can’t. I can’t write for children David, it’s just impossible. I don’t want to do it.”

The guy named Momus started twitching even more, he went on about how he thought Children were evil and were trying to take over the world and if he wrote for them then he would just become a slave to their needs. David patted him on his back and tried to calm him down. He told him he knew someone who could help him, and that they should go to him right away. Radcliff knew this was his chance to slip inside while David was getting his coat. He didn’t care what was it all about, he was probably taking him to see a psychiatrist. They left immediately much to the relief of Radcliff.

He jumped on to the chair and from there to the table. And just as he suspected, the old lamp was dozing off in a corner.  

“Hello there old friend.”

Sir Shinesalot woke up with a start,

“Radcliff! Well change my bulb and call me a night-lamp, how are you little mischief-maker?”

“Not as fine as you. I have to find Loudmouth and Carryman told me you were the lamp to ask.”

“And right he was; how is that big fool on wheels? Tell me is that Oyster Manipulator still riding him?”


“She is some mystery.”

“Yes! So I lost contact with Loudmouth couple of years back. Where can I find him?”

“That is a tricky thing little one. You saw that guy who just came in, the weird one?”


“Well, Loudmouth is at his place. No one has been in contact with Loudmouth for a long time now. I think he is keeping him captive for something, but what that something is no one knows.”

“How do I get to him?”

“The only way is to let yourself get caught by him.”

“Are you sure about that old timer?”

“That is the only way son. Can you still make perfect toasts?”

“Yes, why?”

“Good, very good. That shall come in handy. Peanut-butter on toast, it’s his biggest weakness; you must exploit it when the time comes. And remember Radcliff, what you do for yourself is not as important as what you do for others but sometimes to help others you have to do things for yourself first.”

With the thoughts of Sir Shinesalot racing through his mind, Radcliff left the office and the building to further his quest. He knew there were a lot of perils awaiting him in the path ahead, but he had to face them head-on. It was his destiny, the reason why he was born. He had to free the appliances of slavery once and for all.


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  2. MnAlam says:

    Brought back memories ……… “Brave lil Toaster!” hehe 🙂


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