Dead were her thoughts as she sat there silently

Dead were her thoughts as she sat there silently,

Waiting in the dark for grim blow so patiently,

Eyes wet with tears of fear, heart weeping not it keeps,

Shaking hands searching for a today that would dare not go on.


She saw in her abode of decay a pool of bloody dots,

Went she near, what has she got that would not fall,

Wind blew from the holes in her heart and shook her cot,

Mind whirled, oh that fray mind spun like a top.


She sat down to smell the disdain of horror in those dots,

Why must she see when sight has for all been lost?

Her body grew numb down to the toes of the beautiful carcass, in which her soul was lost,

 Spinning her mind think not, roaming for his care which she forgot and now lay those dots.


Touched she the scent of her love that once lived so strong,

Tears flowing down her cheeks, killing every breath she got,

Mesmerized within the grieve she searched for relief from the misery in those dots,

Shoots the bullet, gone forever, her scent into his, love have no better aroma then what they got.


Home I have come dearest where art thou my beautiful love?

Looks he upon the bleeding angel lying on the floor behind those walls,

Picks he her up, reasons he shouts for,

She lies there dead and so lays dead her lover, flow both forever as one.


There she sits in the corner, silently she sits,

Watching the fools weeping and bleeding,

All three mingled in a misery that she cares not now to keep,

Drinks she the poison, ends the ordeal,

Now peace she will breathe; the tale of four lovers in me.


What to come for all those who are to sing this song?

No one knows less the shaded eyes of the lonely girl,

The bloody bath is no match to what she has seen while being done,

Killing was all that need be done before the time was to come,

Lying forever asleep the girl looks at the girl, who she has torn,

Dead her thoughts along with her, both beauties lost in the love’s hollow dome.

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