Graduation Day!

So finally I had my Graduation Day yesterday, feeling of dread and excitement were mingled as me and girlfriend made our into London towards the far end of the West where Brunel University stands proud. I was worried most about the security in London. Over the days I have been reading news of all sorts concerning the Olympics. The security is not enough, the army is being called in – 17,000 in number my god I thought it’d be a war zone – everything about going to London seemed grey and gloomy to us, the people, we thought it would be jam packed with people.

Luckily enough it wasnt, maybe London would be more crowded now that the Olympics have actually started but I doubt there would be any holes in the security even if they are we wouldnt know about them. My journey from Bishop’s Stortford to London Liverpool Street and to Uxbridge I saw the most minimum level of security with police presence being only at London Liverpool Street and that also mostly outside the premises. Maybe it is something that the government will have to look into or maybe it is something that they have well covered. But Public Transport is the most vulnerable when it comes to any threats whatsoever. It can be argued that it is impossible to oversee the security and scrutiny of each passenger in the underground system but it doesnt mean we ignore the fact that it posses the most threat to the Heart of the Country. I am not trying to freak people out that is the media’s job but I think so with so much attention being paid to the security, there should be a revamped regulation involving the security of Public Transport. And not only in Olympics but also throughout the whole year every year. There are thousands of people who manage to sneak past in the train without ever buying a ticket, I have seen examples of that, if that can happen than more dangerous thing can happen as well. I think so it is an area that the government needs to pay attention on in order to avoid any notion of in-house terrorist or other malevolent intentions towards the people of this country.

Overall there was no big fuss about the whole traveling in London, which was being propelled by the media as if the world was going to end. Maybe it was restricted mainly to the road commuters but still nothing happened, luckily.

The Graduation was perfectly organized, not talking about the government now just my uni. I think it is remarkable how much Brunel University has achieved over such a short period. I feel proud to be connected with the university and to all the people who say going to uni doesn’t mean one can be successful I would say, it depends on the person undertaking the studies with all the determination matched by the institution’s determination. It might not mean you definitely will be successful in your life but it helps and gives you the right tools. Brunel University will always remain with me.


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