Rest my beautiful soul

The world is breaking into the dusk of lust,

Fear is raking in the hearts of trust,

No matter how you see it, this way or that,

Everybody in us is lost and dead,

Dead in the moment of present and past,

Lost in the shades with souls detached,

The horror is coming it waits no more,

We see it not and dance to devil’s lore,

Provoking the silent, shouting at his face,

Crimes of ours are happily endorsed,

Many wait and welcome such to their shores,

Raped in the dark we have become nothing but whores,

Saints are creating new day’s remorse,

Lost are the prayers of fools on this road,

Sun breaks the moment of reason and fights,

The moon tries to swallow the remaining pride,

Nothing can be done to the engraved rust,

That has seeped in before morning ever called,

Wild is the moment of such favoured hate,

To the divine they bring nothing but disgrace,

I sit by the edge and wait for my fate,

No use in thinking when the world is about to break,

Rest my beautiful soul, rest you within,

Your time shall come when days are done,

When gone are men and their lovely guns,

 When gone is the pyre breeder and his inflamed sons,

Rest you now my beauty for that day shall come,

When lost are all thoughts breathing at your tomb.

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