Where be thy hat my cute fat cat?

Cat O’ cat! Where be thy hat my cute fat cat?

Have you left it by your little raft?

Go on pussy cat get your big round hat,

The world will take a blurry turn if you have not your hat,

Not so cute, not so sweet just horrid traps without the hat,

Go on get your hat before does so the filthy rat,

Wear he will your hat and pat you like you were a cat,

Let not that happen to you cute cat, get your hat,

O’ I liked you better when you sat in the corner wearing your hat,

Now your tail is entwined with those of the miserable filthy rats,

Go on you dumb little cat get your lovely hat,

Keep it safe or lose you will control over life and death,

No fish will find its way to you; all will be lost to those rats,

Silent those voices and run you towards your raft,

Go on pussy cat go on and get your hat back on your lovely head.


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