Global warming in a coffee shop !

Okay! a very slow day in Great Dunmow, trying to kill time. So decided to get a pen and a notepad and bolt down some thoughts. My laptop is completely beyond repair now, so I will have to go into a Library or borrow my friend’s pc to put this blog post up which I am currently doing right now and it makes me sort of awkward writing this down. 

Dunmow seems like what it is, quiet, small and friendly. Not much to do here, but being honest I havent really explored the whole village but common sense prevails and I am accustomed to making assumptions with its help. I am in Costa inside Tesco, cooling off on a pleasantly warm day. 

The weather this time around does seem rather confusing. It just cannot make up its mind. One day its a hot summer’s day, the next day it would be an extremely humid day as if I was in the middle of a rainforest and the other day it would be raining down hard and chill as a normal winter’s day. I do not know if it is something to do with global warming or not, but it is too hard to ignore that fact.

Okay! lets side track from Dunmow and talk about global warming as the title would suggest me to do. I am not an expert on this subject, surprise surprise, and I surely have no scientific knowledge to add anything of value to the whole argument concerning it but lets see if I can come up with a social expect of it driving us away from taking this issue seriously. 

Taking care of the planet does mean making a lot of changes, some very drastic to the way we live our everyday lives. And we as human being are very reluctant towards change especially when its for our own good. So we tend to ignore all the evidence provided to us in this matter and pretend everything is fine and assume global warming is something we will just grow to adapt to. 

But the reality is, it is not something we can adapt to, it is surely that the world can adapt to, but us, NO! We fail to realize how much drastic effect this can have on us by clinging on to the earth killing comforts in our lives. 

We have gone beyond the point where we can prevent it, so extreme measures are needed to be taken in order to lesson the forecasted effects of it. 

Saying that, I am still sitting over here writing on a paper using a pen fueling the global warming in my own way whereas I can or could have used some other alternative way of writing this down which would be less harmful to the earth. 

These are the things we have to tackle, to change our ways. To make things which are harmful to the world obsolete so they are not produced or used anymore. To push governments into finding alternative energy resources. 

The hardest part is making yourself do it, everything else is easier compared to it. And I think this is the biggest challenge that the humanity faces right now and a very monumental one for the fate of the millions of oncoming generations. 

By the way, Great Dunmow is still standing, still quiet and its still a nice weather. And now I am going outside for a smoke. Destroying the planet in my own little way. 

And guess what? there is not even a single car in the lot running on alternaive fuel than the war fuming world destroying by-products of the blasted black gold, oil. 

The world might not end, but we will extinct ! 

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