Gay Marriage

I was talking with someone at work about gay marriage and to be honest it made me sad to see how ignorant people are about this issue or any other issue.

But it is understandable to some extent, the thing is this issue is both right and wrong at the same time.

While I believe that gay marriage should not even come to the debate of being allowed or no, people should be able to do what they wish – there is something extremely wrong about this whole scenario.

Do not get me wrong I have nothing against the homosexual community, they are more sensible about various issues than the non homosexual community.

But the whole marriage thing done within the Catholic or other Christian domains, Judaism or Islam is essentially wrong in the favour and against religions.

I am completely against any conformed religion that hails a diety too supreme to lead their own lives as they see fit.

But lets view it in this way, all these religions and their texts are against the gay marriage or any homosexual activity. People who get involved in it are therefore by religion not a part of that religion anymore.

So keeping with this concept how can you be gay and be Christian or belong to any other religion for that matter.

these religions are wrong to begin with, but if you do believe in it you cannot just pick and choose what you like, you have to believe in the totality of God and his so called revelations unto men.

So lets see where we are now, yes you are homosexual and you want to express yourself and your love to your partner and so married and you still want to be in the fold of religion whose God has forbidden the existence of your God. Some where in that sentence you can see why this doesn’t make sense.

Of course you can contest to your right of marriage, but why would you want to get married in a Church whose whole existence has only been to dampen free will and crush free thinking – a Church that is knee deep in blood of the innocent over countless years, why would you want to be a part of it?

I think marriage in general has to be viewed now as a non religious event and no religion anywhere in the world should be allowed to ordain the marriage of any said two people.

Marriage should be dealt with a non-religious organization where all rights can be exercised without any religious constraints – and than when approve by such an organization you can get married wherever you wish to do so.

This has only become a major issue because of people wanting to cling onto this absurd idea of a God whose only job is to tell what not to do.

We need to free all sectors of government everywhere in the world from these religious false prophets and give ground to common sense and humanity.

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  1. kevin dingo says:

    intresting piece. a lot of food for thought there. to be honest I think the whole argument on gay marriage is more to do with homosexual couples wanting the same treatment and rights as hetrosexual couples. which they should have under law. knowing a few gay and lesbian couples myself the argument ive always heard from them is more to do with rights then god. I don’t think this is true in every case but I think we have to consider atleast in the uk that what we have is the media putting a skewed slant on things putting religion at the front of something that shouldn’t even be a debate and more over is in all likely hood in 90% of cases about equal rights rather then any religious ground


  2. Momus Najmi says:

    Thank you Kevin for your comment !
    Yes I completely agree it is about the rights rather than religion, but it still gives religions grounds to protest and still be in the news – the issue I am pointing out to over here is near to the same, religions should not have the authority to dictate any social norms in this day and age.


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