Mobile Phone Deals

On a very separate note, most of you might already know this website through their quirky advertisements but if you live in UK and want to get a mobile phone on contract, moneysupermarket is the best place to go.

It gets all the best deals from all websites throughout and gives you the best option available for your money,

You cannot get it of a better price from the network provider’s own website and that is a dead cetain guarantee.

Like the new HTC M8 is up for £38/month deal with unlimited internet and unlimited text messages with a healthy dose of 2000 minutes on T-Mobile, I don’t know about you but for a new phone and a hot selling set like that its a bargain and than some.

I am not just saying it to promote a website, which I know what it does sound but really I see a lot of people everyday – well not literally everyday but you know what I mean – getting contract phones for a lot more than that and with less worthy packages. If you are getting a contract from anywhere else but that website at the moment, its either you don’t know the deals on there or you just got too much in your pocket to burn. It has a mixture of all the other websites that provide such deals but the advantage with this is it has all in one place.

I was just checking – because it has amazing free gifts to go along with its contracts as well a hell lot better than carphone warehouse – ps4 with LG G2 (brilliant phone) on vodafone with unlimited calls and text and 1 GB of internet for £42/month. Not bad !

I think, why people usually buy from places like network providers own shops or carphone warehouse is because they want to have and know the products physically. That is the only reason I can think of at the moment, do let me know if you think there are any other reasons. People want to hold the product physically before they commit themselves to any long term future payments. But seriously, this is age of internet – check the products online get reviews unbiased reviews, do you really think the guy at the shop will give you honest feedback on the product you are buying? they might, but only upto a certain level, they work on commission on top of their pay and they have to fulfill a monthly or weekly target depending on the company. So you will probably hear stuff like, but you cannot trust those websites most of the times you don’t get what you ordered. I am sorry but you always get what you ordered given you know what you are doing and these days online customers are heavily protected against misleading sales and adverts. I am not proud of it but only this year I have returned and received full refunds, and in few cases just received full cashback and a new product for free off ebay sellers.

Just trust the internet more and save a hell lot more than you usually would, it is time to break off this physically touching the product fetish cycle. Get your deals on moneysupermarket and not just for phones but for everything, you won’t regret it. Although be careful for applying for loans on it, because your imformation gets passed on to other loan providers and they will ring you crazy. The best for loans I would say is Hitachi Finance, really good rates. Anyway have a look at the website and decide for yourself.


I think I can shut up about this website now for at least a year, you would believe how much I have been banging on about this website to everyone I know. I just don’t like enjoying the best deals in life all by myself.

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  1. Marilynn says:

    Hi there, just wantd to say, I loved this post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!


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