Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting, Crying for blood of those they know not of, And I see them howling and growling, Spitting on the fates of those they care not of, Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry, No reason they have to slaughter so many, I see them coming from the…

Just stop

Stop preaching of a saint, that never was, Stop teaching of a God, that is better lost, Just let it go and stop,   Wake up, From your Christmas song, Understand what’s around, Don’t clot your thoughts,   But if you want, Live in your dream, Don’t stumble into mine, Just stop.

Waiting for what

Waiting lies with the waiting mind, But waiting for what, Ponders the mind, As the seasons go by.    

Where are you from?

There is no other question that annoys me more, and a question that serves the least purpose as where are you from? well, apart from what is your religion? maybe non-fairyism non-bullcrap realistic overview of the life filled with reason and logic away from mind numbing depictions of the holy ghost where the only magic…