Cowards who fight

And so I see them killing and hunting,

Crying for blood of those they know not of,

And I see them howling and growling,

Spitting on the fates of those they care not of,

Vicious eyes and ferocious heart they carry,

No reason they have to slaughter so many,

I see them coming from the top of my home,

I see them and I am afraid they will bring plenty more,

The children are crying and wives are weeping,

They vanquish the purpose of the word humanity,

They are heroes, they are soldiers, they are warriors,

They are what we make them; to me they are cowards,

Delusional robots losing their strengths of wisdom,

Fighting and killing for what belongs to them not,

Building homes bigger than one another,

Building towers and churches while praying never,

Marking the territory like animals in jungle,

Claiming crowns and thrones in God’s kingdom,

They are our heroes, Our soldiers, Our warriors,

They are the brave, the mighty, the protectors of faith,

A faith that they themselves created someday,

A faith that they themselves will destroy one day,

They are what we make them to be,

They are the cowards, who fight to give reasons to their sleep,

I see them coming and I see them getting close,

I see them and I begin to lose all hope,

They are the heroes of none but their own breed,

They kill to save and protect, what logic must I conceive?

They are the soldiers, who live by the codes of their land,

Embedded deep in them they forget Gaia’s plan,

They are the warriors of God, of faith and holy clan,

They protect the faith by killing those who do not understand,

I see them coming, I see them knocking at my helm,

For reasons untold I still wish them all well.

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    1. Momus Najmi says:

      Thank you !


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