Where are you from?

There is no other question that annoys me more, and a question that serves the least purpose as where are you from? well, apart from what is your religion? maybe non-fairyism non-bullcrap realistic overview of the life filled with reason and logic away from mind numbing depictions of the holy ghost where the only magic is science.

But back to where are you from? People see someone a little different from them and they need to know that. I grant you sometimes its just harmless curiosity, but what is curious to you might be highly annoying to the person you are asking. Someone asked me that today, all I said was hopefully ignoring the green poop I just had from this planet. And to be honest that is all you need to be concerned about. Why do you want to know where I am from? So you can instantly stereotype me in your head? Or you can come up with more small talk cheap laugh materials? I seriously had to think for a second where I am from, right now I am here in this shop, buying bloody tomatoes so that is where I am from. It doesnt matter where I am from, or where I will be in the future, what matters is I am here now.

It is our need to feel associated to something and someplace or otherwise we cannot stand on our own. And we impose this need of affiliation to others through such harmful questions. Some might say I kicking a big fuss about nothing, or over such a little matter but this type of nothings sets up a very different sort of tone in people’s mind over time. This need of affiliation is why you have stereotypes and why you have people being wary of each other differences rather than focusing on the commons.

Where you are from? From a place called Earth, have you heard about it? Probably not, seeing how disconnected you are from it.

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