Fallen Leafs

O’ those fallen leafs will fly not ever again,

O’ those shades of death will come not again,

Silent was their fall, silent will their rise be,

Less silent be the name of trees they left behind,

Flying away in memories and lore of the old,

Forever they shall remain with wings torn and burned,

O’ those fallen leafs will fall on my grave as I rest,

They will sing to me and ask for their revenge,

Must I tell them that they again fall with fallen heads?

Must I shove them aside and tell them pray their end?

O’ will God ever find a meaning in what he meant as He sat on my minds’ dent?

So heavy is his head when it be filled with empty threads,

Whisper those words let not a soul realize the scent,

Fall they will all when they see the care that you have kept.

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