Horrid World

Brutality swings in the heart of men,

From that hollow shell, comes the cry for help,

Will someone listen? Will it ever end?

Within such sickness, will we move to a better end?


So strapped and narrow we have become,

So inhumane our thoughts, such horrid visions we have let on,

Flows the river of pain and yet we yearn for more,

In hatred’s fuel we have plunged our little worlds.


Will someone show us the drafts of our past?

The hidden secrets within the confines of truthful lies,

Will someone throw us in the depths of hell?

Where we actually sit yet see not our stand.


In the pool of love we discriminate the thoughts as such,

In morning bright light we blacken the coming dusk,

Hallowed tomorrow lies yet we detest the Divine rust,

In the silent nights we sing aloud for our burning lusts.


Will the miseries of self end the feud for another?

Will the burning cities help create another?

Will the lurid songs of hate kill the resting pain?

Will the call for insanity in this sane world forever go in vain?


Strangled with the shackles of predetermined justice,

We have given and taken what was never ours to claim,

So shallow our faces have become, such unspoken tears we have let on,

No hope left less the hope of the hopeless divinity.


Brutality swings high still men move on with hearts aloft,

Harbouring and accepting what should be thrown and lost,

Will no one listen? Will it never end?

Within the reach of cure, will we yet move to a bitter end?


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