I Walk my Way

Stumbling in the dark holding the dim candle,

Flame faltering with the wind making its way,

My feet rubbing against the wood beneath that lay,

Creaking and squeaking with every step I take,

Eyes bulging, focusing, the hidden shadows lurking,

Heart thumping fast out of unexpected fear,

Hold on, don’t give up, just walk your way,

Hold the candle uptight, you will make it someday,


The door is locked so I try another,

More deep in darkness I travel away from all care,

Little mice pass by; I startle and look their way,

In the dark I see nothing but shiny dots looking my way,

I hear the voices above and below calling my name,

Heart is beating, fear is gaining weight,

I want to run away; I want to hide in my grave,

When will this nightmare lead me to a new day?


My head is spinning and my wounds are burning,

My body is aching and my soul is dying,

Hold on, don’t give up, just walk your way,

Hold the candle uptight, do not be afraid,

A long gasp of hope plunged into my brain,

I muster the courage to walk for just one more day,

The wind is trying to blow the candle and its flame,

I wrap my hand around it; it’s not taking you away,


Creaking and squeaking at every step that I take,

I walk into the darkness, opening doors which would give way,

Making my folly brave, I care to dare,

In the depths of insanity I plunge my stare,

For feel of want and for want of feel,

In dying desperation, I begin to see,

With silence shouting at every corner of my rusty faith,

Still I hold on and I walk my way.

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