UKIP, the most disgraceful, bluntly racist political party I have ever seen is not to blame, at least not entirely. No party is made without there being an audience for it. And as we have seen them recently gaining ground on the other three players in UK politics we can clearly see they have more growing supporters. What does that tell you? That tells you that the submissive racists in UK have finally found a platform to spew their hatred towards everyone who is not English. What a shame it is for all the other more sensible people is this fine country, all the years of progress down the drain.

You should be proud that your country is so progressive and so desirable that people from all over Europe and out of it, give up a lot to gain a lot more by coming here. That is a sign of progress for any country, that people want to come to you. The immigration problem is something completely different from such a point of view. It needs to be tackled very carefully, ofcourse there needs to be a control on it, but not by completely shutting the doors. England should be for the englsh, well I am sorry queen but I think UKIP supporters dont want you in the country anymore.

There is so much more business and relationships to be made, and immigration problems to be solved better if UK politicians actually knew how to deal with EU and learn to co-exist. Without Europe, this all would be nothing cut from from the entire world, is that the future that anyone would want. For everyone to actually start hating you because you don’t recognize anyone who is not British. That is just sad. I guess you also hate all the European Elite players coming into your league and you dont want them to come in. You know how much money is made through them, if we only consider the increase in viewership because of them.

But I guess people will never learn, they will continue to build these walls against each other, we humans just cannot learn to co-exist, or should I say cannot be let alone to co-exist. We will always have people trying to create walls and boundaries, defining, creating affiliation and associations. Such a close down point of view shown by UKIP is very sad to see in this day and age.

I hope people grow out of this illiterate and uneducated point of view as South Park put it of ‘They took our jobs’.

Grow up, learn to co-exist and learn to make money out of diversity, and be proud that so many want to come to you.

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