At the edge of Love

Out of a broken heart,

and open wound,

rises a story,

of a dying bloom.


Sea splashes,

on the rocks below,

as the edge of a life,

he wishes not to restore.


The sky is kinder today,

letting the sun meet his eyes,

one last push,

there shall be no more goodbyes.


Why has he come to this?

You think, and I surely wonder,

A broken heart, a broken soul,

what made him give up his cause?


Maybe she ran away,

or maybe the tides took her,

Maybe she was a lie,

or maybe it was a dream untold.


We look into his eyes now,

such sadness we see,

We see he is hurting,

Aching soul we wish to comfort.


But there is also something else,

Nagging at the back of our mind,

An inquisition into his reasons,

to which we resist to persist.


And I wonder,

If I may be so bold,

to unshackle the doubts,

And let it come as it would.


If his love was so strong,

stronger than Hades’ hold,

defying logic and reason,

making him lose control.


If his love was so wild,

more than a lion’s roar,

passionate as the sun’s fold,

over the grass that now brushes his lore.


If his love was so true,

more than the sanity of mind,

so true that when his heart felt it,

his mind would ache to continue.


Than why has he forgotten it?

why does he feel it not anymore?

For love travels beyond all boundaries,

of death, living or silent dreams,

and it is worth living for,

even for just one more day.

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