I am lost forever in this living dark

So silently I walk into the dark,

Blindly I try to make my own mark,

Find I not a thing in my grim lurk,

So I wait for the moment to be struck by the clock,

In these hours I so wished for a new start,

To begin anew within this dark,

All gone in vain, my hope and strength,

Every time I tried, my dart met no mark,

Disparity within myself soon began to struck,

I realized how miserably I was out of luck,

All I did from than was sat and sulk,

No one was there to comfort within that dark,

Why did I even try in the start to make my mark?

Why did I travel into this filthy dark?

If travel I did than why so deep I reached afar?

Why did I not halt when I had the chance?

Believe I not this be the choice of my heart,

He threw me in this mess without a moment’s thought,

And so I stumble within this dark,

There is nothing here and I cannot make my mark,

No mark to be made, no start to be made,

I am to be forever lost in this living dark.


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