O’ saints of baleful anger,

O’ saints of new age surrender,

Travel, Travel,

Discover the lost splendour,

Entrapped and Confounded, Bereft and Dazed,

Break free to find something,

Worthy of Praise,


When so I listened to my sense’s lore,

I flew away from all remorse,

And so I stumbled upon a shire of old,

Inhabited by none but Gaia’s soul,

A sight of Eden on this World,

On every inch marvel galore,

Home, I found myself at home,


Living, dying, wondering in a circle,

Around a rock reaching out to heavens,

Singing and Dancing,

The creatures of nature,


O’ the pain made merry,

Away from the world of men,

Such sumptuous incrimination,

O’er grief seemingly so trivial,

Lament dear Penthos, for once with me,


Must I be conscious if I am to feel,

Prickle the constant taste of belief,

Falling and Rising,

With the passing of seasons,

It needs not my feel,

But I need it to breathe,


Safe from cruelty,

This world within a world,

Towering mountain of beauty,

Harbouring a thousand songs,

Secluded from men,

It goes forever strong,


Years on year,

Decades on decade,

Centuries and Millennia,

Beyond even eternities,

It can go on, this rock,

Sheltering lives of joyous,


Till men find it,

So I must leave,

And let it be,

Let this world in itself keep.

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