frustrations of an atheist

For an atheist I do write a lot about God. It is not the case all the time, but I do find a lot of complaints towards a god like figure.

Maybe it is because I have gone through all the fazes to become an atheist, from a religiously curious person, to rigorously religious person, to a freeminded person with new found openness obstructing traditional views, then becoming a deist – that has to be my first step towards atheism, to being an agnostic and then finally a reformed atheist. Over the years the only thing that has been common is me expressing such changes in my writing. But I do not know why they say that only religious and spiritual people write the best poems. When I was a believer, believer of ideas without evidence, I never had a motive to write, I found mine when I started questioning my beliefs.

But God is not a word for theist alone, we cannot let them hijack such traditional words to stab back at us saying, see you still have some sense of God, you cannot get away from him. And you know why, because he is real and is looking at you, and he loves you. What a load of bullshit?! It is only a word and it means different to everyone, a word doesnt prove the existence of an object, but it is the other way around. Since there is no evidence of god apart from schizophrenic accounts, hence the word god or its usuage cannot be used as a proven evidence for an existence of such a being. There are earlier accounts of Thor does that make him real? Well lets put it this way, I rather have him be real than a monotheistic boring power hungry warmonger control freak of a god.

Further more it is my believe that if there is a god there is no religion (no religion can exist) and if there is a religion than there is no god. At least go through all the hypothesis before blindly following one and wasting your entire life and others’ patience with your insolence.

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  1. nikeyo says:

    This is an easily relatable post. There are far too many issues with understanding “god” and none of it makes sense. No definition provides any great degree of sense or logical consistency.

    Well said!


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, no definition can coherently define the entity of God, its the most self contradictory fictional character ever made.


  2. I too am a nonbeliever who writes a lot about God and religion in my poetry. I do so because the concepts are universal among humans which makes them suitable subjects for poetry. I will never surrender the use of them to theists.


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