The Man and his plan

There was once a man like any other man,

Riding along in his life without any plan,

No sense of direction, like any other man,

He ate up his ages along with the society’s plan.


But this man was a little different than any other man,

In fact more than just a little different from all the other men,

There was something inside of him that no other had,

If it wasn’t why then would I be telling you about this man


He had a heart and mind stranger than any other man,

He wept from his mind and thought from his heart,

And to make matters worse, he couldn’t tell them apart,

Different he surely was than any other I had ever laid my eyes on.


With his thoughts emotional and emotions logically perpetuated,

This man had it all yet he was walking like any other man,

Hollow from within, hiding in the shadows of deceit,

He knew everything but had discovered within nothing.


Now what can anyone do with a man like that,

A man determined to be like everyone yet be no one,

A man who runs away from himself that he created,

Foolish how some men can be when they have it all


So this man who was like any other man,

He continued to ride along without any plan,

Still no sense of purpose, like all the hollow men,

He poisoned his breathing life with speeding time.

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