Lambert to Liverpool

For those of you interested in football and specially in the english premier league, there are lots of interesting developments happening in the transfer market. I know most of you do not care about football, and yes I know its a highly inflated market that must be opposed because they are making so much money and what not, but shocking news I love football. And come to think of it I do not understand why we complain about footballers making more money, like ridiculous amount of money while a lot of people in a lot of different fields make such and a lot more money. Just think about all the pop stars that you hate, the talentless hags who wouldnt know left to right unless someone points them so, they still make endless amount of money. And those high level CEO’s specially in the banking sector, still making a lot of money with bonuses on top of their failures. Footballers entertain us, at least me. And before you mock them down think of all the welfare attached to it. The youth academies giving a direction to the growing kids, is a big example plus the numerous charities that are benefiting from just the popularity of the sport itself. The football clubs are an immersive part of the society, it engages with it and helps most around it. When was the last time you saw a bank doing that with all honesty?

Anyways I will not go into detail about the so called CSR activities by bigger corporations, the point is I love football, it is the best form of entertainment, better than watching mind numbing programs like hollyoaks and eastenders and what not crap.

back to the original topic, there hasnt been this many players on free transfer, top players, for a very long time. I guess fifa lovers cant wait for the 15 edition. But apart from fantasy playing, this summer packed with the world cup will be important to observe. I think teams that really want to win the premier league should think of buying the very top players who are actually not going to play a part in the world cup and there quite a few around. I read news on Liverpool signing Lambert do not know if he will fit into the team, have a read and yes I support Liverpool FC. Not yet on the liverpool website though.


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  1. I love football…though I am a Man United fan…hope we can still be friends.

    I don’t see Lambert fitting in too well with Liverpool, there are already so many attacking players…that said he will be a goal scoring asset where ever he end up.


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      I love football but not the fan rivalries only healthy ones ofcourse, so do not worry, hope your team gets back to their ways with now a proper manager in charge.
      I don’t know maybe its just to have a different option in attack. We have developing young attackers so maybe it is to give them experience training with him and learning from him everyday. Plus we do get games where we get stuck because teams start going all defensive like the Chelsea game which cost us the league. It will do our english player rota no harm as well, specially at under 5mn. That said we could have got Remy in for just a bit more, so yes it does seem strange. But well a manager who has given the most thrill in the league run after such a long while, I’d reserve my doubts till I see his plans in action.


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