With nothingness I adore the nothingness outside

In the dark corner I sit and stare,

The blinding lights that go in vain,

Seemingly so me and myself sit and wait,

Maybe they will strike someone who dares,

There must be a way I say to me,

Must be a way to act differently,

Surely that light is not meant to go astray,

But riding in silence it seems so that way.


When young was day yet old was time,

When children were playing with the divine,

When the sun was resting and the moon yawning,

When angels were singing and the devil merry,

There was no light in helms of such lore,

No wonders when the world was so sure,

For no darkness awaited to open doors,

Peace endorsed both shut close.


Within this new found darkness I ogle the light,

More beautiful than favoured hate I cry,

Swishes past through me I touch it with delight,

Fills the pores in my soul with its might,

I spin round in circles, spin and swirl,

I spin for life, for death, for shadows that lurk inside,

I see my universe within its spinning hold,

Within nothingness I adore the nothingness outside.

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