The Unfaltering Stupidity

Alone in the corners of my perceived sanity,

I linger on with the grand company of me,

I see outside my window, out where they be,

I see them dancing and merry their insane love keeps,

I sulk away from the view to darker insides,

In the chair where I have kept my sorrows in hide,

And I wonder if it is indeed true what they say mostly,

Ignorance is bliss; it just seems so right looking at me,

I am scared now that I think of it,

Will I risk my end for temporary bliss?

I am scared and I am so very alone,

I am afraid I’ll end up doing something I’ll later regret.


If only they could sleep tonight and wake up dead the other day,

All my worries of being ordinary would disappear,

But I don’t think that night will come as soon as today,

I believe I will have to wait for all to be erased,

It is no fun living behind this grim face,

Within the mind of the proclaimed deranged,

If only they could stop dancing, laughing and singing,

If only they could kill each other with their joyful prancing,

And then within my confined realm I think of opposite ways,

Contrary to those that would see them disappear,

I am scared and I am so very alone,

And I am afraid I’ll do something stupid tonight.





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