My shiny bright chair

Upon the silver seas, solitude I have found,

Holier than thou, God I have crowned.


No matter how far tomorrow may seem,

Forgiving is still not my pleasing dream


I want to see you cry and die,

Bleed in my arms your pathetic life


I want to sing to the devil’s bride,

Yesterday of mine is your tomorrow’s crime


End of all we all shall breathe,

Give or take I care not for your philosophies


All hail the new queen sitting on her throne,

Everyday another is born in this shallow dome


How hard is it to rejuvenate divine sense in me?

Sticks and stones won’t break the bones of my soul indeed


Oh hallowed eyes look away from this carcass of hate,

Keep away your rotten wings from the decaying brain


In the sunshine I will not come out and play,

Shadows are warming to my reason of care


Tomorrow and yesterday shall meet someday,

What will they find? No less than today in shade


Oh forgotten lies! Oh forgotten dreams!

Your empty promises were wicked indeed


New Gods maybe born every night every day,

My holiness shall yet remain more than thy holiness each living day


Burns not my soul yet you shall always see it ablaze,

Fury of the blind shall see me in this lazy haze


Hello tomorrow, hello today, hello my dear sweet yesterday,

Welcome you are always to test my shiny bright chair.


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