I have decided to quit smoking, once and for all. 

I have attempted this three times before but I think I am finally ready to quit. We all need to quit something in our lives to make our lives better, but we are always reluctant to do it even though we know it would be for the better. Once we realize our priorities I think its best to start acting on it and every little detail that might help us to set them straight. I know sometime in the future I want to have kids, and even though I like smoking I do not think I would like my kids to do so, so practice what you preach. Now I am not saying smoking is bad essentially although for some of us it is and it certainly has very less positive impact on us. I do not agree with smoking bans and advertisement restrictions, for me alcohol needs to have more restrictions than smoking, excess of both have equally dangerous consequences. All I am saying is, we need set priorities in ours lives very early on and act on it. And so for the forth time and may it be the last, I have quit smoking. 

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  1. nikeyo says:

    Stopped by your blog as a thank you for a like a week or so ago on one of my posts, and saw this.

    I smoked Newports for 13 years. Quitting was the hardest thing I have ever done. The withdrawal is intense. After all of my “attempts” to quit, and through all the methods I have tried. My advise to you is this: admit the symptoms, don’t ignore them, but don’t let yourself say anything to the extent of “it’s just cause I need a cigarette.” You w/d, and it gets rough.

    Have you heard of or thought of vaping? My husband and I have been doing it since November. Honest to Zeus, the best method of quitting or alternative to smoking there is. And not that e-cig shit, actual vape pens.


    1. Momus Najmi says:

      thank you. Well for now I am just banking on my will. To be honest I dont really feel the need to smoke anymore. I havent heard of vaping, will check it.


      1. nikeyo says:

        Def. do. Kinda like a hookah things except no tar, more flavor.

        Good luck though! Being over it helps, cause quitting when one’s not fully in it never works.


      2. Momus Najmi says:

        thank you, yes that electronic sheesha thingy, its not so bad. but its been a week, dont really feel like smoking anymore just the occasional one with a drink thats all.


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