World Cup

I thought me trying to finish my book will keep me away from my blog for a while, but I forgot about the world cup. I guess it would take me a bit longer to finish the book now. Naturally by now everyone, and by everyone I mean everyone who likes football, would have picked up a favourite to win the cup. Having watched few matches I have to say, apart from few teams everyone seems to be on a similar level. And the set up of their play is very similar as well. I would like Argentina or Uruguay to win but whoever it might be, I honestly think Germany would be in the semi final. And I would be rooting for the underdogs whoever they maybe in the semi finals. I know too scared to pick a favourite, I cant just pick a team just because I live somewhere or I was born somewhere. I dont believe in boundaries as such. Because of such reason I cannot fully support Brazil or this world cup, I can understand having a world cup in your country would help promote the country’s profile but seriously there needs to be a priority set. And if you still have protesters going strong during this event, that means you havent done much to improve the situation. Football might be important but not as important as the livelihood of people and their progress as a society. Anyway, I rather just pick Germany, dont know in a way have always supported them in World Cups anyway. 

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