unlocking sim cards

I have never bothered unlocking a phone after when my contract usually end because I have never changed my service provider. But recently my wife lost her phone and while we are waiting for the insurance claim to come through, we had to get her a phone. So I dug up my old I dont need this anymore but too reluctant to through away tech crap, and I found an HTC desire, the first of its kind, and realized it was on 3 mobile which was a mistake that I would not be making in the future again. So like an average person I would gone down to the shop paid some guy to unlock the sim usage on that phone and paid 20 or so quid. But instead I searched online how to do it myself because it was too late to go down the shop. And I think most of you would know this anyway, but you can actually unlock your own sim card by yourself, and there are so many websites that provide you with that, all it takes is a code to put it. But I guess you still have to go to that guy if you want to unlock your phone, which means you claimed it on insurance or stole it from someone and well need I say more.
But anyway, I went to this website, http://www.freeunlocks.com, the unlocks are not really free but its easy, and if you ever come across such a situation give it a go.
Now I am off to work, stay good everyone.

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