Familiar Differences

There are times when you sit down and think the most oddest and weirdest of thoughts. Just by yourself, sitting, gazing in the distance, you and your thoughts. Thoughts like, when I am doing nothing someone is probably doing something very significant and when I am doing something significant someone else is probably doing nothing. Not all of us are doing nothing at the same time and not all of us are doing something at the same time. The probability of something different yet something so familiar happening within the nearest distance to us is so staggeringly high. I was watching the news an hour ago, while my neighbor writing something down at that time, and now he might be watching the news and I am writing something down. We are doing different things but yet the same. We are not all different yet we think we all are different, by doing similar things at different times and thinking such acts to differentiate from one another.
I thought I just share this random thought, and while I share you might read, and while I read your random thought you will be sharing yours, doing different things yet the same.

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