Contribute, not just distribute

How hard is it to understand?
That I am not the kind of man,
Who would notice your existence,
acknowledge your imperfections,
greet and smile,
make conversations,
about your daily trade.

Unless you have something to say,
that would help me in any way,
or if I would have the need,
to take what I wish to take,
or offer my mind,
a delicious delight,
on which to ponder,
debate, argue, and evolve.

That does not mean I do not care,
about the worries that you might bear,
and that I would not shed a tear,
upon the misfortunes that might fall upon you,
I just dont feel the need,
to bother myself,
with playing nice,
while my mind is off, galloping,
beyond horizons, into dimensions unknown,
looking to contribute and not just to distribute.

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