Liverpool update

People who know me would know that I am a crazy Liverpool fan, and I really do not care what you think about it – it is my life and I am an adult, and I can choose to like nay love football if I want to.
It seems to me that over the summer window most teams improved on some level when it comes to adding players whereas we with our signing took a very stagnant step to where we already were and in case some signings a step back. Now I think Rodgers is an amazing coach but I have a feeling he likes taking on projects more than he likes getting dead certain quality. It is as if his love for coaching comes before managing.
Chelsea got Costa and Remy, Arsenal got Sanchez, City rejuvenated Jovetic by actually giving him a chance, Hull got Abel Hernandez very positive, Everton took on Lukaku, Man utd got Falcao and Di Maria, even West Ham got Sakho and Valencia very positive signings and other teams got whatever I cannot remember right now. But it seems like we missed a trick by getting Mario, I mean he is a good player but not really what we needed surely. It is not fair trade when you consider we sold Suarez, and today it just seemed so obvious that finishing instinct we lacked against struggling QPR who by the ways got Vargas. He seemed so intent on proving himself as the best striker in the world that he didnt seem to care about the team. Missing an open goal, trying to make it look pretty in 92nd minute rather than just scoring the damn goal. I really hope to comes to terms with his stupidity and realize what a brilliant club he has become a part of and start scoring some damn goals. Otherwise he would be the biggest failure of a summer window ever.

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