The light of darkness

Night and day came back again,
Stared at my face and said with disdain,
“Oh foolish son, who knows little to none,
What hath ye done? What hath ye done?
End your time we have seen anon,
Yet you rise again, with a smile so bleak,
Oh what hath ye done? Oh foolish son!
Gone were your days, your rest awaited.”

Night and day were furious with me,
Out of care, or out of jealousy,
No man in me breathes under a shame,
I replied aloud to such blinded gaze,
“Oh sun and moon, flip a coin,
One side of you becomes a side of mine,
At every turn that you must take,
To rest in glory is not the way I play,
I did what I did, because I had a need to do,
To secure myself out of the judgment of truth,
Swallowed the darkness, yet light I breed,
No longer am I swayed away by the good in me”.

I rested my lore upon their shore,
Silently they be dazed upon my crown of gore,
One said to another in a whispering voice,
The other replied to the one in muted cries,
“What must we do? What have you done?
You have seen what was hidden beneath the One”
Despair shadowed upon the shine of two,
Hallowed demise is a blessing for none so true.

“Worry not my friends, no need to play your drums,
The hidden is still a mystery to millions of sons,
No need to be alarmed for I will not tell,
Insanity is no longer heard in this bright sane world,
Go back to your stations let me be at my own,
Sharing this tragedy we will all cry alone”.

Went back night and day with their horses and camels,
Never to return and shake this sad lake less we know what’s in it.

“Rest you must still, your days are not now to have begun,
Come with us, answer the call of the Divine One,
Such waste you are to the criminals at large,
Come and be free within these caged walls”.

“Salutations to thy glorious stature I am compelled to give,
Yet no honour you shower at this hour, no wondering bliss,
Criminals are criminals for the crime they commit,
Judge be the one whose crimes are too long to list,
Save your cries, save your hallowed ground,
Come I will not to the empty shrine of thy crown”.

“Fix up your army of decadence,
I shall come when tomorrow ends”

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