Fair Maiden

An immortal knight lay martyred by Acherons’ side,
Immune from the world of darkness and night,
Yet he yearned for a fair maiden’s sight,
Whom once he met while fighting old Hades’ might

Strapping young lad he was on the battlefield of lust,
Evaded from visions of sorrow and despair, he moved on,
Glimpsed he did upon his Aphrodite of fate,
Never to regain Ares fell in love then and there

He fought many battles then on of glory and might,
None compared to the one he fought everyday for her sight,
Rapt he in her thoughts was every moment of his life,
End she became to him there was no further life

Cometh now henceforth is for the wandering mind alone,
For the wandering mind listens what logic perceives not,
Lose he did her to find her in his actual life,
Search began breaking his life but to her he held on too tight

Thunder and storm came knocking down at his abode,
Snatched away from her thoughts he saved his might,
Ruptured his life now standing between two rivers,
Where is she? O’ fair maiden! Take him to the other side

Hell froze over and darkness came running to light the night,
Nobody knew the knight’s aching soul lay hidden within fair maiden’s sight,
O’ how he yearned for her now and again but forgot her still he did,
For he knew the way to Eden but not the steps he must take

Martyred sure he was from within his heart, lying at dark river’s side,
But dead he wasn’t for life goes on with or without loves’ bright sunlight,
There came the angel and lay beside him singing songs of seasons gone by,
Arose the immortal knight, “Lo! There be thy maiden My son”, cried the Father of all that is right

Glimpsed he did once again and there went his heart again,
The time now stands the time that will hold forever in his mind,
No life further on no more purpose will he ever find,
The knight became a jester to the queen of queens in one blink of an eye

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