So silently, so patiently, so blindly, away with my miseries

So silently, I walk towards my own demise,
So patiently, I run into the bricks of life,
And so blindly, I breathe yet dead I feel,
Away from your shades of leaf, away from me

So silently, I fall in love with your hazy eyes,
So patiently, I wait for the world to twist and turn wild,
And so blindly, I dream of a haven in hell’s gripping shire,
Burning wildly, away from your given serenity

So silently, breaks all proclaimed prophecies,
So patiently, killing peace with the decaying breed,
And so blindly, watching the crimes of tomorrow’s seed,
Away from divine philosophies, away from me

So silently, you stay for my care yet do not see,
My care for your smiling face fades away silently.
So patiently, you hear my moaning hymns yet do not feel,
I yearn for your love and wait so patiently.
And so blindly, you cry with pain yet do not bleed,
Bleed in melancholic miseries, I die blindly.
Away you stay always, yet close you feel,
Close I remain to you, yet far away I breathe

Oh these silent tragedies of life I so loftily sing,
Patiently await the reason to shine in sublime relief,
Blind I will forever be, yet see the silver seas I will,
Away from your sanity, away from dirty winged greed

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