My Day

As the morning takes a yawn to descend its grace,
To the folds of heat where it pushes us to brave,
Spinning around the circles of vanity and despair,
Sweating each brow over the confusions of fear,
Shouting within myself praying to the divine race,
Spitting blood with heart wrapped around evil shade,

I curse the burning sun for it gives me no space,
To rest my mind in the thoughts of needed care,
Rocks turn to dust as Ra pours his fiery might,
Breathing exasperates, silence betrays as light shines,
I crawl in patience bottled up within hate,
I wait for the time when shades would shelter my rage,

Challenges of mine reignited within my burning shame,
Time strangling my emotions to a death defining state,
Locked behind open doors I wait for it to fade,
I wait for the burning to exhaust within its’ own grace,
So merely all play within it, forming each day new faith,
Their will mingles with the will of those with damned fate,

I pray in silence to the mirrored face,
All in good time will it sink in when those eyes have decayed,
Long will be gone the hour then to join the parade,
But still I would pray in silence to the God claimed disgraced,
Waters turn a new shade, brilliant in its own way,
The sky breathing a sigh of relief as goes the torching flames,

I take a step towards the beginning of my day,
Feel the melting sun’s amalgamation with a darker shade,
Within my palm moon and sun finds a place,
Soothing each other with greetings in their merry ways,
All goes silent less the praise of God beckoning each way,
Heart quells, mind prostrates, tears find their way,

Hallowed is the hour in which steps I usually take,
Together join the thoughts that seem so often to betray,
I wave goodbye to the moment with tragic cheers,
May darkness give all reasons for them to know their stage,
Love and hate dancing in the stars now shining,
Perfecting each moment to be worth crying,

Riding on horses and feeling not at all strange,
Fooling for a laughter, singing births of disasters,
Scene by scene changing but not yet changed,
Carrying on with emotions for which they themselves not care,
Lost goes the moment in which they begin to stare,
For she hammers Romeo towards unneeded desires,

The story lurches on with proclaimed sanity of them saints,
May the sane see what I so often see in my grave,
As the river in the night silently flow,
So does my heart with a melancholic glow,
Shading away from the damaged drunkenness of conformity,
Breaking the shackles once so shamelessly adored,

As the wolves howl for a morning within this night,
I begin to address my hidden sunlight,
No time in me left to linger in despair,
It is time to brace myself; the ride is going to be severe,
And so I walk into a world with no boundaries to spare,
Fight on forever till the world of mine is made revered.

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