John Cleese Chooses His Top 5 Sketches

love the guy, absolute brilliance


In the course of John Cleese’s interview this week for TIME’s 10 Questions, the British comedy icon named the top five sketches he has written and/or performed in. He loves his Monty Python work, but given that it “would not be terribly interesting” to choose his best-known skits, he named some of his less celebrated comic works:

1. The Cheese Shop

Cleese conceived of the Cheese Shop sketch with his writing partner Graham Chapman after enduring a bout of seasickness in which he threw up on a cameraman twice, he recounts in his new memoir, So Anyway. He was looking so piqued as the duo drove home from the shoot that Chapman offered to buy him cheese, but the only store open was a pharmacy, so they began to imagine what it would be like to buy cheese there. Not long after that, one of his favorite sketches…

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