Blog update

If there is anyone who reads my blog regularly, i apologize for not being consistent enough with my posts and also being a bit too random at times when I do post them. I would love nothing better than to write all day, and give everyone something interesting to read – disregarding this post – but my day job keeps me quite busy so I write when I can and I than end up writing about the randomness of the random that surround my thoughts constantly.
So just it case, you enjoy my writing and would like me to write about a specific topic, drop me a comment or message and I will do so. It can be anything about anything, as long as it is interesting I am game, doesn’t mean I cannot think of anything and I am asking you to do that for me.
I am although looking to change the background theme of this blog, I have just come to realize it looks a bit dull and arcane and it might not to attractive to everyone. So I would like your suggestions if you wish to contribute, of how best this blog might look like, any particular colour or theme. Should it be light or dark, any sort of suggestion about anything if you have any. I want to know what you guys think about this, or is it that you do not really care about as long as the content is interesting enough? anything ?

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