pen and paper

I think so I have to give up with this pen and paper malarkey and go with the time when it comes to atleast writing blog posts. I am more comfortable writing it down on my notepad and i actually enjoy doing it and end up writing more but I do not think so it works with blogs. Blogs have to current at times, sort of than and there thing. I mean lets take this for example, I wrote this down about 8 days ago and only now I am getting the time to post it online which means my thought concerning this particular topic might have change since than and it is no longer relevant to my current stream of emotions. And that way the reader actually end up feeling distant from my writing, because if I cannot connect with my own writing how can the reader. And I completely lost track of what I was on about.
Pen and paper, I have to say something in defense of it though, I stopped writing my novel with pen and started doing it on PC and well the difference is huge when it comes to maintaining the interest level. I like writing it down on a bit of paper and than converting it to PC, that way I end up adding a lot more, active editing. But again doesnt work with blogs, and I really need to get a small laptop or a tablet with a keyboard.
And tell you what there are so many of them out there, I am pretty sure you know about all of them. I have a soft spot for kindle for more than obvious reasons but there are so many of them out there that I want to sample all of them. Like the windows tablets, that offers me a platform to write freely on office and than just transfer to my main pc when I come back home. It would actually be a good idea if you can download a microsoft office or a similar app on Kindle fire hd, that would make me buy it in a heartbeat. I shall explore more.
If any of you are looking to buy any and are looking for reviews go to techradar, i use them all the time, they seem to know what they are talking about. But if you know a better place to get more indepth reviews let me know, I am always on the hunt for better things.

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