Vibrating trains

I have been traveling to London for past few weeks for my management training for a retail company, I wouldnt say which one – although that has finished now but since things have been busy never had the chance to post anything, my apologies. It usually takes me around an hour or so to get to london by train and I have to say they really need to install some sort of vibration reduction in their trains – not the underground, there is hardly any space to do anything on the tube – i mean the national rail. I like utilizing my time and have a habit of writing down on my notepad before I put it on the computer, but writing on the train can sometimes become near to impossible or you just end up writing in scribbles. I feel at times I am in a mini earthquake pocket. Okay maybe I am exaggerating but still I would really like to know why it is so. I am sure there is a reason for it, and perhaps I should be thankful that we have a means of transport that doesnt involve sitting on the back of a looney animal but I like progress and over here progress means me being able to write on the train without my fingers having to readjust to the mood swings of the train. You know what I started this note as a complaint, but now I am actually interested into finding out why it happens, and actually finding out how train works.

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