The iconic site in Rio DE Janeiro I wonder how many people actually find it offensive. I am talking about purely my point of view, I do not know how people in Brazil really think about it. In modern terms, it is a sort of taunting site to the atheists living in Brazil – a constant reminder of the false gods of today sprouting from ill advised yester years still imposing unnecessary constraints to the expansion of knowledge. I know it is iconic site and everything but again it is also a reminder of the people who brought this ideology to that continent and completely destroyed the ever so complex culture that was already there. I do not know maybe people just like to move on with the cards they are dealt with historically but I do not understand this need to hold on to something that we know to be complete bollocks. Yes it is an iconic site but its the position of it and not the statue itself, there is nothing remarkably artistic about it, you can place a statue of a majestic jaguar over there and it will still look as impressive. And to be honest it is just not this it is everything similar to that all over there world. I mean the church once upon a time went along and cut all the willies of true expression of art just because they thought it was indecent – and so why should we bear their ridiculous nonsense everywhere. I am just saying – just an opinion but nonetheless it is a city on my vacation hot spots.


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